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Boyfriend Remix x Justin Bieber ft. 2 Chainz x Mac Miller x Asher Roth


When I read on Mac Miller’s Twitter yesterday that this song was about to drop, I could barely believe my eyes. But then I had to remind myself of two undeniable facts: 1. 2 Chainz has been EVERYWHERE the past year. You can barely name a hit song without a 2 Chainzzzz feature; and 2. Bieber is the one of the most well-connected and universally accepted boy-band type pop stars since Timberlake. The song is exactly as I expected it to be. Starting with a catchy-as-usual verse from 2 Chainz to start it off followed up by Mac Miller (with a slightly Big Sean-ish flow) wrapped up with a verse from  “College” Asher Roth that gives the verse a laid-back yet lyrical finish. I’m curious to see how hip hop fans will fill about this song, but I for one like it. What do you think?

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