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Cudi Announces “Satellite Flight” Album Cover Art & Track Listing


Today has been a busy day for the music industry, full of many great announcements. However, the one I’m about to break is definitely one of my favorite of the day. Now-indie artist Kid Cudi has released the cover art and track listing for his next album, Satellite Flight. Following last year’s Indicud (which I still play pretty much daily), I’m excited to hear what S.F. has to offer. The most noteworthy track in my opinion is entitled Return of the Moon Man (Original Score) [which leads me to believe that the track will be theatrical]. There’s also a track called Too Bad I Have To Destroy You Now, and another called Balmain Jeans (which sounds more like a Kanye track) featuring Raphael Saadiq. The cover art goes along with his Moon Man alias and leads fans to believe it will be true to the “high-flying” albums which have made millions grow to love Cudi. Check out the track list below.

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