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A Pimp Named Slickback x Suni MF Solomon ft. Clay James, Gadzooks!, &a Messiah Da Rapper 

For this track, Suni called on the pimp protégés Southern Playas’ Clay James &a Messiah Da Rapper as well as introducing some people who may not know to talented artist Gadzooks!. Shot in Greenville, SC by fellow also dope artist/videographer Jamee Cornelia, the visuals are some of my fave for a performance shot. Pay special attention to how the old schools compliment both the accents and outfits of the artists.

Check out the video below and keep up to date on my faves as they continue to keep it pimpin.

#OG #messiahdarapper #music #southernhiphop #snoopdogg #jameecornelia #sunimfsolomon #aniggamoment #doggystylesouth #southernplayas #atlantarappers #clayjames #newatlanta

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