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Chris Brown and Drake Fight?! [PICS]

It’s the moment we all, well at least I, have been waiting for since I noticed Drake’s affection for Rihanna. Since Chris Brown‘s attack on Rihanna in 2009, singer/rapper Drake has written songs for Rihanna, collaborated with her on several tracks and even referred to her as “the baddest woman ever” on multiple occasions. Seeing and hearing all this happen made many people wonder; how does Chris feel about all this? Well, last night we may have gotten our answer. 

According to NYPD, and multiple news sources, Chris and Drake and their entourages got into a brawl when Drake tried to get into the same VIP that Chris was in. Chris was struck with a bottle and went on a Twitter rampage (that was later deleted as it usually is in the millions of beefs he’s been involved in) tweeting a picture of a gash on his chin (seen below) and things such as: 

“How you party with a rich nigga that hate? Lol…throwing bottles like girls #shameonya

“Niggas is pussy!”

 “Niggas is hiding in the bathroom bitch ass niggas”

And, finally 

“I’m the singer?”

Well. We can’t say for sure if the fight was over Rihanna…though I’m sure 95% of us are going to make that assumption. Let’s just hope that this is where the beef stops. Although a series of diss tracks and subtweets between the two would kind of make my life. What do YOU think? Who would win in a fight between Drake and Chris Brown?


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More info can be found on (first one to break the pictures w/ the story)

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