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CJ Da Fly Guy x Carine Cassell


This past Wednesday was a busy day here at CarineCassell. Prior to the meet and greet I attended in the afternoon, I sat down with rising Savannah hiphop artist Bliss Skate Co. VP CJ Da Fly Guy. As you can see, he’s a man of many hats; in addition to having a sound musical resume, his company has styled pretty much everyone in the hiphop community that you could imagine! In the interview, we talked how he manages, where/when he got his start, what’s next, what big names he’s working with and more. CJ also blessed us with three exclusive tracks from his upcoming project [acronym explained in vid] and a mean 16 from himself and fellow dope artist Messiah Da Rapper. Check out; the vid below and hit us on Twitter if you have any questions! Also check out throwback footage of CJ performing at Spoiled Milk here.  🙂

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