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Come On x NayStar {Official Video} + ‘Passionate’ Stream

Passion accounts for a lot in life. It can be a distraction or a motivational force. Singer/songwriter and dancer extraordinaire NayStar is all about passion and chooses to use it for the latter.

“It’s titled passionate because that is what I am. Who I am. And what I feel most people should be. I’m passionate about my music, about life, about love, about everything.”

NayStar has been making waves across the industry with her choreography and music for several years now. She truly is a star and in her latest single, you can see that clearly. Keeping it classy but steamy, NayStar beacons us all to come get to know her and discover the passion that lies within us all. Aye, it worked on me! Check out the sultry scenes above, and listen to her Passionate project below! Be on the lookout for more from this rising icon!

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