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Drake’s New “Aaliyah” Tattoo!!

Since his Unforgettable sample of fallen R&B legend Aaliyah‘s record Let Me Know [At Your Best], rapper/singer Drake has again and again showcased his admiration in some interesting ways. Last year, it was a tattoo of her face below his left shoulder. Now, the superstar from Toronto has gotten yet another tattoo that is linked to the singer. On his right ribcage is a tattoo that reads “416“; however, he got it styled in such a way that it can also be read as “116“. 416 is his hometown of Toronto’s area code, but “116” is the numeric form of Aaliyah’s birthday. [January 16, 1979: 1/16/1979]. The tattoo also comes a week after the news broke that Drake is rumored to be an executive producer on a new Aaliyah album. What do you think? Has Drake’s infatuation with Aaliyah gone too far, or is this a normal way of showing love to a superstar this is still missed and mourned among millions? Comment and let me know what you think!

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