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Frank Ocean and Chris Brown Fight?!



Sources at the scene who have allegiance to Chris say that Ocean started the fight, exacerbating Chris by not allowing him and his team to leave the premises, allegedly saying “This is my studio; this is my parking lot.” Then, reportedly, Chris went to shake his hand and as he did, one of Frank’s people attacked Chris.

Although only those at the scene know the real truth, I personally do not believe this is it. It seems pretty fishy that a man with a reputation of kindness and wisdom like Frank wouldn’t be the one trying to provoke a known serial beefer/fighter/all-around “Hulk”-type dude like Chris Brown. But since the fight involved their teams, maybe this was just a bad case of needing to be careful of the “company you keep.” All this fighting within the music industry needs to stop, but at least it’s ending only in thrown bottles and broken knuckles unlike the rap beefs of the ’90s. What do YOU think? Who was at fault for the fight and who do you think won?

As of Monday evening, according to officers that responded Frank Ocean was treated at the hospital for “minor scratches” and is listed as the victim. Chris Brown may face misdemeanor charges, which will be a violation of the probation he is serving for his 2009 altercation with then-girlfriend Rihanna. He could face assault and battery charges and possible jail time. .

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