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Go Away x XODUS


Dominican-American rapper/producer XODUS presents his new single Go Away, produced by Long Island beatsmith Paulie Monster.

“It was 2005; I was young, trying to form my priorities,” the Washington Heights NYC native says about Go Away‘s genesis. “I’ve always been in a rush and I felt like if I kept spending time out in the street, there was no way I was going to find myself in time to do something great. So, I was literally locked away in a basement, in a long-term, long-distance relationship, and struggling with my own brain chemistry—trying to learn the key to my own happiness so I could begin the pursuit. I brought on my own introspective depression and Go Away was probably all I would have had the energy to mutter if I could have personified pain and exchanged words.”

XODUS is pioneer of the Color Me Different movement, which he explains as “a consciousness, a philosophy. It’s about making your own decisions based upon your unique perspective; developing yourself through thought and self-analysis, rather than just embracing a societal default in order to ensure acceptance. ‘Reject the ordinary, embrace the ordinance.‘” A full-length project is currently in the works.

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