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Meet Rihanna’s Other Man


It’s been five years since the incident and we are still wondering what occurred to cause Chris Brown to brutally assault then-girlfriend Rihanna. Well, we may be starting to get some answers. According to various sources, Rihanna had a relationship with singer/songwriter Kissk prior and during her relationship with Chris Brown. Ironically, Kissk has written songs for Brown in the past, which could be part of the reason that he was so pissed to find out about their relationship. Honestly, from seeing pictures of the guy I’m surprised he even likes girls but aye, can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Sources day that the two have maintained contact to this day. However, recently, Kissk has come back into the picture and stated that he was going to “make everything known” soon. Maybe this is what’s causing a rift between Breezy and RihRih, since the singer spent his birthday with ex-girlfriend Karrueche. Just like a vengeful, attention-seeking ex to strike at the height of Rihanna’s career. Check back soon for more details. 

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