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NaS x Sophia 

Soulful, sultry and savage r&b artist Sophia is a special kind of girl. While most of today’s singers are fighting for the diva role, $o dares to differ. The singer/songwriter originally from Nigeria but repping East Atlanta pulls from her origins and gives you real, unaldultered emotions on each song. While most of the genre is full of members of both sex singing about lost love and crooning “woe is me” tunes, Sophia is not bowing to love so quickly. She expresses the emotions that every girl that has loved and lost has felt, but in a new and innovative way. Her voice is airy and ethereal but soulful, lyrically she can be likened to the writing power of Trina or the eff-your-feelings of Rihanna.

The single NaS and the accompanying visual is the greatest introduction to her flavor. Here the West African singer shows her beauty, brains, anddd a baseball bat. To find out what it’s used for, you have to watch below. Let me know what you think! Check out her EP Love $o; The New Classic ; it’s lives up to the name.

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