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Not That Girl x Charlie Xile {Official Video}


I love an artist who dares to be different and take the road less traveled. The Windy City’s ownCharlie Xilehas breathed a fresh air of life into me with the new his new single, Not That Girl.

As a prominent and proud member of the LGBT community, bold is one of the many things this multi-faceted artist has had to be. His bars much his instantly intriguing aura as he lets us know that “in Wonderland, [he’s] Alice” and refers to himself as a “legendary cunt.” (I’m upset I didn’t coin the term, tbh). His bars are no joke, and speaking of bars, the two men changed by the neck in the video also indicate Mr. Xile shows no mercy to those who cross him. Check out the major symbolism in the video, my favorite of which Charlie wears an American flag around his neck like a noose as he proclaims “you a dumb ho, you get strangled.” Here. For. It.

Check out the official visuals for the song below and def check my site soon as I am sure to follow this entertaining and intelligent emcee as he continues to break all the rules while still keeping us all in line.

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