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Smack/URLtv presents: John John Da Don vs Hitman Holla

SMACK/URL:The Worlds Most respected MC Battle Arena drops another classic MC Battle from their Summer Madness 2 event. This match up is between St. Louis native Hitman Holla and New York’s John John Da Don. These two MC’s have had a troubled past dating back to their epic dispute at URL’s 2012 spring event in Chicago. This grudge match is a high paced entertaining battle that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. To see more of the worlds biggest MC Battles log on to or subscribe to Follow us @URLTV @HITMANHOLLA and @JohnJohnDaDon .

Three things I must add:

1. Missouri STAND UP! Besides Tech N9ne we haven’t been relevant in the rap game in a minute!

2. What were some of your favorite punchlines?

3. Who do you think won? Hitman is talented, he definitely has originality and attack, but in my opinion John John definitely won over him in lyricism and delivery. But what do you think? Vote below and comment and tell me why! 

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