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The Roc vs The Rev’s Son??

A song by 17 year old self-proclaimed “jet setter” and son of rap legend Rev. Run (of Run DMC) Diggy Simmons has been leaked targeting Roc-a-fella’s Grammy nominated recording artist J Cole. The diss apparently was made because in Cole’s 2010 song “Purple Rain” (which leaked), he was alledgedly rapping about Diggy’s older sister, Vanessa Simmons. While it is not confirmed that this is true, Diggy must have felt targeted and chose to come directly at Cole with somewhat hard-hitting lyrics, like “The only thing you hittin’ in the morning is your hand” and “Don’t try to call Hovy-Hov“. A response from Cole isn’t expected, but many are saying because of his noted lyricism and killer delivery that he would (lyrically speaking) KILL young Diggy? I thought Diggy came at Cole pretty hard, especially for the fact that this was recorded in 2010 at the age of 15. What do you think?

Here’s the track Purple Rain that prompted Diggy’s diss:

And Diggy’s diss What You Say to Me :

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