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Each Tuesday, I’ll be bringing you all a classic along with a new hit from some of your favorite artists! To kick it off this week is none other than the notable emcee/jetsetter Curren$y.

curren$y - flight

Curren$y has been killin’ the underground scene for quite some time now banging with Cash Money before even Nicki or Drake did, but over the past two years he has risen to be appreciated by the main stream with his mixtape Weekend at Bernie’s and album The Stoned Immaculate. Today he dropped a new joint Choosin’ with one of his favorite artists to collab with Wiz Khalifa. The track also features drive-by-sruvivor Rick Ross. Check out an old freestyle from 2007 and the new heat he blessed us with today below! His next mixtape New Jet City drops on Super Bowl Sunday!

Animal [2007]

Choosin (ft Wiz Khalifa + Rick Ross) [2013]

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