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TI vs Jeezy: Who’s the REAL King of the South??


It’s been an amazing week for Atlanta rap; two of my favorites to be specific. While everybody seeking to find more about what might be an end to Ross’s reign, Jeezy and TI alike have been making puttin on for their city hard all week.

Prior to the December 18 release of his highly anticipated album Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, T.I. released the music video/short film for Trap Back Jumpin which he shot authentically in the West End/West Side [being a CAU student I was hyped to see James P Brawley] which depicts a day in the life of T.I. if rap didn’t considering T.I’s prior gun charges which almost ended his career. With the album following his family oriented VH1 show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, Tip’s been able to regain some street cred while never neglecting his following duties. Trouble Man [whose controversial album cover can be found here ] drops this Tuesday. 

Jeezy, who dropped It’s Tha World this week and threw an amazing album release party which brought out Drake, TI himself , Ludacris and Robert De Niro [no you’re not “stupid or what”; yes DE NIRO]. He also won another major symbolic victory this week against rival Rick Ross, who got signed to Atlantic Records where Jizzle is VP of A&R. 

So who do you think really is King? Both have the undeniable street cred, have seriously put on for Atlanta, have powerful teams [CTE vs Grand Hustle] and are taken seriously in the corporate world [TI as CEO; Jeezy as A&R]. But who do you think deserves the title of King?? Vote below and comment to let me know what you think!!

T.I. Trap Back Jumpin Official Video

Jeezy El Jefe [Intro] Video

PS: I wonder if Jeezy will make Ross call him El Jefe now? 😉<a href="" target="_blank">Take Our Poll</a>

Disclaimer: this article is for forum/entertainment purposes only; not intended to imply beef between the two or start one. 🙂

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